Manufacturer: Tago Electronics
Year: 1982
Personal hiscore - 15,840

This pacman variant sees you controlling the anteater's tongue as it moves through the anthill eating the ant larvae. You must extend the tongue down through the tunels of the anthill to eat all the larvae to clear the level. At the same time you must avoid and kill the ants and worms which roam the tunnels. Sounds simple enough, but it's not as easy as it appears.

As the tongue reaches round the tunnels you will find yourself hitting dead ends. Holding down the fire button retracts the anteater's tongue until released, and this enables you to negotiate your way round the maze.

During the game the sun moves across the sky, and at nightfall the tunnels of the maze get dark and the deadly spiders begin to move around the tunnels.

There are also two large stationary Queen Ants in the bottom tunnel of the anthill and eating one of these causes all the insects on the level to be killed and points awarded.

Later levels are populated with more and progressively faster insects.

An extra life is awarded every 20,000 points.


Larvae: 10 points.

Ant: 100 points bonus.

Worm: 200 points.

Queen Ant: 1,000 points.

Game Dipswitch options

oStarting lives can be set to 3 or 5 (default is 3).

Playing hints/tips

o Ants can be killed by moving directly into them, but watch out for your tongue above when you are in the lower part of the anthill. Ants can only be killed by the tip of your tongue, and if they hit the extended part you lose a life.

o Worms cannot be killed head-on, but cause no damage when they hit your extended tongue. You should move down below a worm or wait for it to pass, and then move in to eat it from behind.

o Spiders can only be killed by eating a Queen Ant. This will destroy all insects on the level, removing any imminent danger. Spiders move across the top tunnel of the screen until they reach the middle, and then walk down your tongue, until they reach the tip which causes you to lose a life.

o Try to save eating the Queen Ants for as long as possible, until absolutely necessary to save you from a life-threatening situation.

o Worms often appear at the same time as ants, and this will make killing them difficult. Also, you have to be careful the ants do not hit the tongue. You must move the the row below them and cut round behind them, as eat them both before the ant makes contact with the extended part of the tongue.

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