Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 1982
Personal hiscore - 113,500

You play the part of the town sherrif, and your job is to stand guard behind the counter in the bank. You must watch the twelve entrance doors to the bank, and let the town citizens safely deposit their money. Once money has been deposited through each door (indicated by a "$" in the white box above the door number), the townsfolk celebrate and you advance to the next, more challenging level.

You can move left and right from door one to twelve and the screen loops round after door twelve back to door one. There are five yellow blocks above each door number, and these are sequentially coloured red as people move closer to the door. If you have a door on screen with a red block directly above the door number, the door will open in the next few seconds. Happy smiling citizens appear at the open door holding a bag of money, and deposit their cash behind the counter at the bank.

But not only people wanting to drop off their money can appear at the doors. There are also masked gunmen, who appear at the door, attempting to rob the bank. You can shoot them straight away to remove them, or you can wait until they draw their gun. It's now a quickfire contest, as a countdown timer appears and you then have only 1/3 of a second to shoot him, and you score more points the quicker you shoot him. If you don't shoot him before the timer counts down to zero, you are shot and lose a life.

Also a little bonus guy can appear at the doors. He is easily recognised as he has a pile of hats stacked on his head! Shoot all the hats, and he'll then deposit a bag of money in the bank, and you score bonus points.

Occasionally a door is booby-trapped and a bomb is attached to it. You must get to the door and shoot the fizzing fuse to disarm it before it explodes.

A pendulum swings at the top centre of the screen, and when you complete a level you get bonus points depending on the time on it.

Later levels see gunmen appearing holding bags of money to attempt to fool you, citizens can be pushed out of the way to be replaced by gunmen or the gunmen dive from side to side before appearing at the centre of the door. Sometimes shooting a gunman will only knock his gun out of his hand, and you have to shoot him again before he aims another gun.


Killing a gunman before he draws his gun: 100 points.

Killing a gunman with the timer on 0.00: 3,000 or 5,000 points.

Killing a gunman with the timer on 0.01-0.10: 1,000 points.

Killing a gunman with the timer on 0.11-0.15: 800 points.

Killing a gunman with the timer on 0.16-0.20: 700 points.

Killing a gunman with the timer on 0.21-0.25: 600 points.

Killing a gunman with the timer on 0.26-0.33: 300 points.

Bag of money deposited through a door: 200 points.

Second bag of money through the same door: 1,000 points.

Shooting the hats: 500 for the lower one, 400 for the next, 300 for the next etc.

Shooting all the hats: 1,000 points bonus.

End of level bonus: 50 points x first 12 bags of money.

End of level bonus: 100 points x any extra bags of money.

Starting on Level 3: 20,000 points bonus for clearing level 3.

Starting on Level 6: 60,000 points bonus for clearing level 6.

Game Dipswitch options

oGame difficulty can be set to Easy or Hard (default is easy).

oExtra life can be set to 70k, 200k and 400k or 100k, 200k and 800k (default is 70,200,400).

oStarting lives can be set to 3 or 4 (default is 3).

Playing hints/tips

o Try to always allow a gunman to draw, as you only score 100 points if he doesn't. If two or more gunmen appear take one out straight away, as it is a lot more difficult to kill more than one when they draw.

o You don't have to shoot the little guy with the hat an exact number of times, just once for each hat or more. So fire as many times as you can and you will get the bonus points.

o You should try to defuse bombs as soon as possible.

o Doors cannot be opened while you are moving, so move directly to the door you require without stopping.

o Watch the indicators above the door numbers to see which doors will be opening soon. If there are two next to each other, try to get only one of them on screen so you do not have to possibly contend with more than one gunman simultaneously.

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