Manufacturer: Universal
Year: 1983
Personal hiscore - 200,000+

"Eggs" is relatively unique, with the closest similarity in gameplay being Pengo. It's a single screen maze game where the objective is to remove all the birds from the screen to advance to the next stage. The birds start as eggs and go through three stages before they can be removed. They are changed to the next stage by kicking them, and they go from solid to cracked to almost open, and then transform into birds. Birds can then be kicked off the screen.

While the eggs are in one of the three stages they also cause damage to any eggs directly in line with them when kicked. Thus you can kick one egg at the start of a row of 5 and cause all 5 to contact each other, cracking all of them open. Of course it's not just you and the eggs on screen. There are also insects which move around the screen and a larger enemy (Chomper) which homes in on your position all the time.

There are two methods at your disposal to damage your enemies. You can throw your eyes (!) at the insects which will stun them for a few seconds. A strange weapon, but very effective!

You can also hit either type of adversary with an egg. It will thrown the enemy off the edge of the screen and give you a few vital seconds of breathing space before they return.

There are two eggs which have a special effect. One releases a hen which will wander around the screen, killing any enemies it comes into contact with. The other releases a red chick which has the same effect.

The bugs also kill any birds which are on screen, which mean you score less points for removing them.

An extra life is awarded for 30,000 points.

Kicking a solid egg: 20 points.
Kicking a cracked egg: 50 points.
Kicking a half-open egg: 100 points.
Kicking a bird off the screen: Mystery score.
Releasing the red bird last: 10,000 points bonus.

Playing hints/tips

o If you locate the red chick, always leave it until last. The 10,000 points outweigh any advantage you may gain by releasing it earlier.

o Run around an egg to avoid the Chomper, and then kick an egg at it when it is on the other side.

o Kick a row of eggs when the Chomper is above you and then move down into the middle and the Chomper will cut across the screen to intercept you, and hopefully run into the row of five eggs you kicked.

o Don't lose your eyes! If you fire your eyes be careful not to hit them with a kicked egg, or you will lose them for the remainder of the screen or until you lose a life.

o Don't collect the hen. Let it run around helping you for as long as possible.

o Force the chomper to cut across screen towards you when there is space and you are behind an egg for an easy kill.

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