Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 1981
Personal hiscore - 20,150

Guide your frogs across the road and over the river to their homes in the riverbank. You can jump forwards, backwards, left or right.

The first half of your journey is across a busy road avoiding the cars and lorries. The traffic gets busier each level with more and faster vehicles to avoid. After a time the racing cars speed up tremendously making them very difficult to avoid.

The second half of your journey sees you jumping across turtles, logs and crocodiles to get to your riverbank home. Simply see your frog safely to his final jump into one of the five available slots at the top of the screen and it's on to get the next little guy home. The logs and turtles get less frequent and faster with each level, and crocodiles and otters appear more regularly. There is also a snake to avoid which makes its way across the centre "safe" area and on the logs in the river.

You can pick up a female frog from time to time on one of the logs in the river, and getting her safely home with you scores a bonus. There are also flies which appear at random in the riverbank, and if your frog catches one of these you score extra points.

See all five frogs safely home for a bonus score and the chance to do it all over again with increaseed difficulty.

Your whole journey is also against the clock as you only get 60 seconds to get each frog home. A timer indicates the seconds remaining at the bottom of the screen and if the timer reaches zero you lose a life. The timer bar turns red when only 10 seconds are remaining.

Also, you cannot go off the screen to the left or right. Doing so will cause you to lose a life.

You also need to be wary of the turtles in the river which periodically dive and surface. If you are on one of these when it completely submerges, you will lose a life.


Successful jump (forwards only): 10 points.

Getting a frog home: 50 points.

Saving all five frogs: 1,000 points.

Bonus score: 10 points x each second remaining on timer when getting a frog home.

Getting a female frog home: 200 points bonus.

Catching a fly: 200 points.

Clones Supported

Alternate version, smaller, with different help, but still © Sega 1981.

Version which runs on a modified Scramble board - bootleg.

Game Dipswitch options

oStarting lives can be set to 3, 5 or 7 (default is 3).

Playing hints/tips

oGet the frogs home as quickly as possible on early levels. This will give you a little more time before the racing cars on the road speed up.

oSometimes if you are sat an empty log where the female frog normally appears, a white "ghost" female frog appears for no reason. You will still get the 200 bonus for making it home.

oTo get through the racing cars, either find a large gap and run straight across, or step into their lane when they pass, and jump quickly to the right to make it to a gap above. You can make 2 or 3 steps to the right before the racing cars catch you.

oYou can make it into the home where a crocodile is appearing as long as it has not fully surfaced.

oYou can jump through the body of the snake. Only its head can kill you.

oYou can use a crocodile in the river as if it were a log. Just avoid its mouth when it is open.

oAn otter will kill you if you are on the edge of the log where it makes contact.

oOn the later levels, turtles and logs are much less frequent and you will have to be careful to avoid being carried off the edges. You can jump to the next/previous log/turtle when you are partially off the edge of the screen, but only do this as a last resort, as timing is critical.

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