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Manufacturer: Konami
Year: 1984

Hyper Sports is the sequel to the legendary Track and Field. Again, it is a direct competition game against the computer or up to 3 other people this time in 7 new Olympic events: The 100m Freestyle Swimming, Skeet Shooting, Long Horse Vaulting, Archery, Triple Jump, Weightlifting and Pole Vault. Running speed is controlled by pounding the run buttons as fast as you can or waggling your joystick, and breathing, shooting, lifting or jumping by holding the jump button.

To proceed to the next event, you must reach the qualifying standard, which is progressively more challenging on each subsequent round. After a certain number of rounds the qualifying standards do not increase in difficulty.


Points are awarded in each event. The better your qualifying efforts, the more points you score.

In the swimming get a dead heat with another swimmer for a 1,000 point bonus.

Hit all the targets in the skeet shooting, and a bird appears which you can hit for bonus points but only with the left gun..

If you get a perfect Archery on the 1st attempt you will get a 3k bonus (a lá Skeet Shooting). You will then see 3 apples appear one at a time , scoring 1k each per hit. Top score after 1st attempt = 10,800pts. The same happens for 2nd and 3rd attempt, but you get a perfect bonus of 4k for 2nd attempt, and 6k for 3rd attempt ( like the Skeets ). So if you managed three perfect rounds your scores would be 10,800 ( 1st try ), 11,800 (2nd try), and 13,800 (3rd try).

In the triple jump, perform a jump taking off exactly on the line with all 3 angles perfect causes an aeroplane trailing a banner to appear for a 3,000 point bonus.

Vaulting - After you take off from the horse, hit the run button ONLY 6 times (the point where his head is face down and the number 0 on the board changes to 1). You should land flat on your head and bounce several times to the end of the screen and a little crab thing will come out and award you 1,000 bonus points.

In the weightlifting, on completing a successful lift hit the run buttons precisely when the bar hits the ground for 1,000 bonus points from cheering girls.

In the pole vault, a mole appears awarding a 1,000 point bonus for a successful jump with full speed maintained. This continues with each successive jump achieved similarly scoring 2k, 4k, 8k. You then get consecutive 8k`s until you foul or get a World Record. ( lots of score possible on this event ).

Playing hints/tips:

o 100m Freestyle - when the starter's gun fires run as fast as you can, using the jump button to breathe when required. A "breathe" bubble appears above your swimmer when he needs to take a breath. If you time the breathing correctly, your swimmer will not slow down.

o Skeet Shooting - use the left run button to fire through the left sight and the right run button to fire through the right sight.

o Vaulting - press a run button to commence your approach. The running speed is automatic. When you hit the springboard, tap the jump button to launch yourself at the horse. When you land on the right hand edge of the horse, press jump again to take off. Now use the run buttons to somersault, and try to land perfectly on your feet. 11 complete somersaults or more will give you a good score.

o Archery - at the start of the round, press a button to select the wind. As the target passes from left to right, use the jump button to shoot your arrows. The longer you hold the button, the higher your firing angle. An angle of 5.0 to 5.4 will usually score a bullseye if your timing is right.

o Triple Jump - Use the run buttons as fast as possible to increase your runup speed, and when you approach the jumping line press the jump button. Hold the jump button until you have the desitred angle, and release to start the hop phase. When your jumper lands hold the jump button again until you have the angle you want and release to perform the step phase. When your jumper lands from this section, again press and release the jump button for the required angle for the final jump into the pit. The angles you should aim for are 35, 41 and 45 degrees respectively.

o Weightlifting - Use the left run button to change the weight you wish to attempt and press jump to attempt your highlighted choice. Now use the run buttons as fast as possible to complete the first phase of the lift. When you reach the end of the first phase, your lifter will flash, and you should now press jump to change to the final phase of the lift. Again use the run buttons as fast as possible to complete the lift and keep the weight vertical until all 3 lights illuminate, and your athlete will drop the weight and celebrate.

o Weightlifting - It is possible, although quite rare, to get a successful lift with 2 white lights and one red.[Neil Pearce]

o Weightlifting - When you choose your weight, keep pressing the jump/choose button as you choose your weight, and then go as normal on the 'run' buttons. You`ll find that the bar will flash a lot quicker, giving you more time to get higher speeds, and hence a chance for a higher weight !

o Pole Vault - the last event and probably the most difficult. Press a run button to start your approach to the bar: your running speed is automatic. When you are close to the bar press and hold the jump button to lower the pole into the box, and release when it hits. A perfect "plant" will see no reduction on your athlete's speed meter. You now begin your ascent and you should use the run buttons to gain extra height. Use the jump button periodically to move to the right, and good speed combined with accurate use of the jump button will see you clear of the bar. When you are clear, hold the jump button down and you will land on the mat.