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Manufacturer: Nova Games Ltd
Year: 1983

In Intrepid, you play the part of the Super Spy who must infiltrate the enemy embassy, steal the top secret plans and escape in your waiting getaway car.

The Embassy has five floors, each with one room on them which are linked by escalators and an elevator. You must investigate the rooms and collect the various objects which will help you in your mission.

There are guards walking around the embassy intent on capturing you and there is also a lightning cloud(!) which wanders round the embassy trying to electrocute you.

Each of the rooms consists of a maze layout which you must negotiate to collect the objects, and shortly after you enter a room the guards enter one by one to try and block your escape.

The top secret plans are located in the vault in the locked room on the fifth floor, so you must have the key to gain entry. In order to open the vault you must have collected the combination, and to get past the guard on the vault door you must have the disguise (fake nose and glasses!). The vault has an electric floor, and you require the ID card to bypass this.

The other objects are a pair of high-speed jetshoes which speed you up, a map which helps you search faster, a spanner to smash the elevator motor to trap the guards when you are making your getaway and an umbrella which you can use to float down from the roof once you have disabled the elevator.

All the time you are playing against the clock and you must get the secret plans before the counter reaches zero. Once you collect the plans there is a 2,000 point countdown, and you must reach your getaway car before this counts down to zero.

The level is cleared when you leave the embassy, and you then start over at a new embassy with more guards and clouds to avoid.

By default you start the game with 5 lives and an extra is awarded for 10,000 points. You lose a life if you are caught by a guard or touched by the lightning cloud.


Time bonus - 50 points per guard who spots you.
Collecting an object - 300 points.
Collecting secret plans - points remaining on counter.
Leaving the embassy - points remaining on counter.

Playing hints/tips

o Always enter the rooms in the order 4,3,2,1,5. This way you get the jetshoes first as they are always on the 4th floor, and the guards are furthest away from you.

o Never exit a room until all the guards have entered. This way you won't bump into one outside, where they are harder to avoid.

o Always leave the embassy by jumping off the roof with the umbrella, as you get more points as it's a quicker route out.

o When the guards have all entered the room, wait until they get close to you, before running for the exit. They can only turn at 90 degrees and you can outrun them.