Manufacturer: Irem
Year: 1984

The evil "X" has kidnapped your beloved Sylvia, and as a Kungfu Master it is your mission to enter the temple to rescure her. The temple is set on five levels, and your only weapons are your Kungfu skills, your kick and your punch.

Level one pits you against X's evil henchmen. There are fighter who try to grab you to throw you down to the ground. There are also deadly knifethrowers which either throw daggers at you low or high, and you must duck or jump to avoid the knives. Make it past these and you must kill the end of level boss, a huge stick weilding man.

Level two begins with pots falling from the ceiling. These must be destroyed before they hit the floor, or snakes are released which you must jump to avoid. Also magical dragons appear, and you must kill these while ducking to avoid their fiery breath. There are also magical balls which fall down and hover above the floor. Destroy these quickly or they explode, showering you with deadly fragments. Make it past these and then you are faced with more of the fighters encountered previously. Once you survive their onslaught you are faced with the end of level boss, a boomerang thrower. Kill him while jumping and ducking to avoid the boomerangs he throws.

Level three has more henchmen to defeat, plus the addition of smaller fighters which somersault onto you if you are ducked causing you to lose energy. Make it past these and you must kill the end of level boss, a giant.

Level four begins with killer bees swarming in through holes in the walls, and these must be either killed or avoided. The level four boss is a fireball-throwing hunchback, who materialises away only to reappear close to you. He also has a double who appears behind you, so kill him quickly.

Level five has yet more henchmen to defeat, and the end of level boss is a fighter whose ability almost matches your own. He can block your attacks so you must vary your strategy. Kill him and you are reunited with Sylvia, only for her to be kidnapped again(!) and your rescue mission to start all over.

If X's henchmen grab you your energy is drained and you must move left and right rapidly to shake them off.


Killing enemy fighter: 100 points for a kick, 200 points for a punch.

Killing enemy dwarf fighter: 200 points for a kick, 300 points for a punch.

Killing knife thrower: 500 points for a kick, 800 points for a punch.

Killing killer bee: 500 points for a kick, 600 points for a punch.

Destroying magic ball: 1,000 points.

Destroying magic dragon : 2,000 points.

Killing end of level one boss: 2,000 points.

Killing end of level two boss: 3,000 points.

Killing end of level three boss: 3,000 points.

Killing end of level four boss: 5,000 points.

Killing end of level five boss: 10,000 points.

End of level bonus: extra points are awarded for remaining energy and time.

Clones Supported

Another version, with copyright by O.K - bootleg

Game Dipswitch options

oGame difficulty can be set to easy or hard (default is easy).

oEnergy drain can be set to slow or fast (default is slow).

oStarting lives can be set to 2, 3, 4 or 5 (default is 3).

Playing hints/tips

oIf a lot of henchmen are homing in on you from both sides, duck down and fire off lots of low kicks rapidly alternating between left and right to kill them all.

oSpend as much time as you can on the early part of level two, destroying dragons for 2,000 points each.

oOn level four jump all the killer bees which appear low. Do not spend time hanging around trying to kill them; just keep walking to the right to get to the enemy fighters.

oKnife thrower: avoid his first knife by ducking or jumping, then jump in close to him, and rapidly punch or kick twice to kill him.

oThe key to defeating the end of level one boss is to jump in close to him so he cannot hit you, and then hit him with low kicks as he backs off.

oTo kill the level two boss, avoid his first boomerang and jump in close and punch him rapidly three or four times. Back off and avoid the returning boomerang. Avoid the next boomerang thrown, and jump in close again and punch him to kill him.

oThe level three boss has a longer reach so hit him with lots of low kicks, but be prepared to back off if he gets too close.

oThe level four boss is a lot more tricky, and you should hit him quickly with low punches. When he starts materialising away walk forwards towards the stairs and he will appear directly in front of you. Ignore the double who appears behind you as no energy is drained for hitting him.

oThe level five boss has ability almost matching your own, and he can block your attacks. Low kicks and punches are usually the best bet, and keep backing away to lure him towards you.

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