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Manufacturer: Sega
Year: 1992

As Pengo the penguin your mission is to rid the screens of the Sno-bees.

You can push the ice blocks around the maze to squash the Sno-bees, and you can crush blocks by pushing them into an adjacent block. The Sno-bees hatch from the ice blocks and at the beginning of each screen the blocks which contain Sno-bees flash. These can be crushed before they hatch for extra points. There is an indicator below the high score which tells you how many Sno-bees remain hidden in ice blocks.

The big points are scored by lining up the 3 diamond blocks, which cannot be crushed, and your aim is to push the diamond blocks around so that all 3 are in contact in a horizontal or vertical line with none of the blocks touching any of the external walls. This achieves a 10,000 point bonus and all the remaining Sno-bees on the screen are temporarily stunned and can be walked on to be killed.

You can also stun Sno-bees by pushing against a wall if the Sno-bee(s) is in the same row as you next to the wall. They can then be walked over to kill them for 100 points.

Kill all the Sno-bees and you advance to the next screen with a new layout of ice blocks. You are awarded bonus points depending on how quickly you complete each level.

Vibrating a wall: 30 points.
Smashing an ice block: 30 points.
Smashing an ice block with a Sno-bee inside: 500 points.
Killing a stunned Sno-bee: 100 points.
Killing a Sno-bee with an ice block: 400 points.
Killing 2 Sno-bees at once with one ice block: 1,600 points.
Lining up the three diamond blocks with none of them touching a wall: 10,000 points.
Lining up the three diamond blocks with one or more touching a wall: 5,000 points.
Completing screen in under 20 seconds - 5,000 bonus points.
Completing screen in 20-29 seconds - 2,000 bonus points.
Completing screen in 30-39 seconds - 1,000 bonus points.
Completing screen in 40-49 seconds - 500 bonus points.
Completing screen in 50-59 seconds - 10 bonus points.

Clone Romsets:

An alternate version (earlier) with different music and no slow-screen draw.
Another alternate version (encrypted) with different music and no slow-screen draw.
Penta - bootleg

Dipswitch Settings:
Game difficulty can be set to easy, medium, hard or hardest (default is medium).
Points required for an extra life can be set to 30,000 or 50,000 (default is 30,000).
Starting lives can be set to 2, 3, 4 or 5 (default is 3).

Playing hints/tips:

o The last remaining Sno-bee on the screen will try to escape. If you do not kill it before it reaches one of the corners it will disappear.

o The indicator at the top of the screen tells you how many Sno-Bees are remaining on the level, including those still in ice blocks.

o At the start of each level some ice blocks will flash. This indicates that there is a Sno-Bee inside and you can destroy the ice block to kill the Sno-Bee before it emerges.

o When you kill the last Sno-bee you have a couple of seconds before the level ends. Use this time to crush an ice block for an extra 30 points.

o Concentrate your efforts on lining up the diamond blocks. The 10,000 points are the biggest single score in the game, and stunning all the Sno-bees is also a valuable side effect. You can then kill them easily by pushing ice blocks onto them rather than running over them (400 points as opposed to 100).

o Try to kill more than one Sno-bee at a time, as two or more together are worth more points than killing them individually.