Manufacturer: n/a
Year: n/a
Personal hiscore - 19,180.

Pisces is a space shoot-em-up game set over 4 stages, quite similar to Phoenix although your ship is only equipped with bullets and no shield.

The first stage pits you against small enemy ships moving across the screen, which fire a hail of bullets at you when they are above you. The yellow ships are instantly destroyed by bullets, but the blue ships crash straight down towards you when shot. You must either avoid or destroy the falling ship. Destroy all the ships and move on to stage 2. If the blue ships contact the ground they stay there for a few seconds until exploding, blocking your path past them.

Stage 2 is much more Phoenix style with large orange birds swooping across the screen which must be shot dead centre to be destroyed. You can shoot their wings to temporarily paralyse them. When only a couple remain shooting their wings causes them to pause for only about a second and then drop straight down the screen. Once they move off the bottom of the screen they reappear at the top, this time green in colour, and are more difficult to shoot.

On Stage 3 you must dock your ship with your base, manoeuvring your ship through a field of random asteroids moving in rows left and right at varied speeds. You can use your fire button to provide upward thrust, but you must watch that you do not run out of fuel. Dock with your base for bonus points for remaining fuel.

The final stage sees you against the alien mothership, hidden in a huge cloud. It launches ships down towards you, veering left and right. These must all be destroyed, and the alien mothership then emerges from the cloud, swooping down at you. You must shoot the mothership to advance to the next level.


Shooting a yellow ship on stage 1: 80 points.

Shooting a blue ship on stage 1: 80 points.

Shooting a falling blue ship on stage 1: 100 - 800 points.

Shooting a bird dead centre on stage 2: 100 points.

Shooting a bird's wing on stage 2: 20 points.

Docking the ship on stage 3: points awarded for remaining fuel.

Shooting the falling ships on stage 4: 100 points.

Destroying the mothership: 800 points.

Game Dipswitch options

oStarting lives can be set to 3 or 4 (default is 3).

Playing hints/tips

o On stage 1, you can ignore as many yellow ships as possible, and only aim for the blue ones. When the yellow ones move off screen there is often a chance that the next wave will include a blue ship. Since the blue ships are worth more points they are worth waiting for.

o On stage 2 the birds do not fire until they are fully developed. You can usually take out 3 or 4 of them before they start firing.

o On stage 2 you can concentrate on continual fire on birds wings when there are only 2 or 3 remaining, as this awards 20 points per hit and does not destroy the bird. You can rack up a good score by doing this, but watch out for the falling bullets.

o The asteroids positioning on the docking stage is totally random, so this stage is often down to chance. Do not use your thrusters to maximise your bonus points.

o On stage 4, the ships which come down from the cloud move across you from left to right and back again. You can time your firing so that they are hit when directly above you. Note that only the mothership fires at you so you can take out the ships when not directly below the cloud, and be safe in the knowledge that you have no bullets to avoid.

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