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3rd January 1999 - Added Retrocade recorded session file for Crush Roller. Check the gamepage.

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22nd February 1998 - Added Mr Do! Run Run page. Also added link to Domain Of The Cube , an excellent highscores site. Removed the link to Atmospherical Heights, which closed today.

21st February 1998 - Added link to the MAME Appreciation Page. Excellent site, with cool tips for Donkey Kong, Robotron, Mikie and Roc 'n' Rope.

17th February 1998 - Added Tutankham page.

16th February 1998 - Added Asteroids page.

12th February 1998 - Added Dig Dug page.

11th February 1998 - Added Mr Do! page (again).

10th February 1998 - Added my Make Trax MAME input file on the Make Trax page; added Dr Barnes Amidar MAME input file for download on the Amidar page; updated Donkey Kong Page with new info from Vincent Giovannone.

6th February 1998 - Redesigned web page, to new frames style. Should make things easier to read. Comments welcomed. Reinstalled all pages due to provider hd crash. Lost Mr Do! page (doh!) - will have to re-do from scratch.

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